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Oil Painting - Impasto
For this piece I applied the style and techniques used by Lucian Freud in this interpretation from one of my primary images. I am happy with how this piece turned out and I liked how I was able to present movements of flesh using brush-strokes as well as blotches of different colours. I really like the beard and the picture he is holding as the brush stokes are more evident in them. The colour palette demonstrates inspiration from Schiele's colour palette (vibrant and bold) instead of Freud's palette (which is more darker and muted, involving earthy colours).
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[Oil Paint, A4, 2023]

For this study, I worked on my observational drawing skills, using chalk on black A3 paper. I roughly measured the proportions of the image with my chalk and then enlarged it, then I mapped out certain points on the drawing, again using my chalk as my main guidance for measurement. This exercise taught me how to sketch the proportions of a face more carefully.
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[Chalk Sketch A1, Oil Painting A4, 2023]

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[Oil Paint, A4, 2023]

I found the female portrait hard to paint, as my mum has many tones in her face. To improve, I could try to use a more limited colour palette and perhaps even paint in black and white; allowing me to observe tone more carefully before I apply colour.
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[Oil Paint, A4, 2023]

Experimenting with collages
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Artist Copy - Lucian Freud
This is my copy of the painting "John Deakin" by artist Lucian Freud. I explored how strong brush strokes can project an expressionistic style and how the use of an impasto technique can be used to create texture in my work, much like Freud used in his own paintings. In this piece, I focused more on the rough and textured impression of flesh in Freud's work, rather than the more softer shapes that were used in the original piece of work by Freud.
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[Oil Paint, A4, 2023]

Oils & Acetate
In this study, inspired by some of Egon Schiele's paintings I used oils to paint over drawings on Acetate. I experimented with this material to create a new way for my brushstrokes to be noticeable, without relying on thick, layers of paint (impasto).
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[Oil Paint & Acetate, A4, 2023]

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[Oil Paint & Acetate, A4, 2023]

Oil Painting - Developing Impasto and proportions
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[Oil Paint, A4, 2023]

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[Oil Paint, A4, 2023]

Artist Copy - Chuck Close
I experimented using Chuck Close's style by superimposing a grid on photographs and transferred a proportional grid to my art work.
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[Oil Paint, Approx A4, 2022]

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[Oil Paint & Lino Print, A1, 2022]

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[Pen, A4, 2022]

These sketches demonstrate my use of hatching to suggest depth and volume when drawing. I enjoy sketching subjects as it allows me to consider various features of the face, as well as tone, which can be applied to my paintings and other mediums I use.

[Pen, mostly A4, 2022 and 2023]

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For this sketch I placed my image over a blank sheet of paper, which was gently on top of ink that I had rolled out. With a pencil, I then drew into certain details and outlines of the image which then transferred to my sheet of paper. This technique of tracing allowed me to consider different ways I could create my art.
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[Printing Ink, A4, 2023]

For this piece of work I used both oils paints and Lino to create a surreal composition. This piece of work was inspired by Salvador Dali and his many dream like paintings. I found surrealism an interesting and unusual style of art, which pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to expand on how I could apply these strange elements to my impressionist work.
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[Oil & Lino print, A1, 2023]

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[Print and Gouache, A4, 2023]

Here I tried a more loose and free way to sketch, using wavy lines to try and create depth and a sketch consisting of spirals and circular shapes.
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[Pen, A4, 2023]

I used my sketches to explore mark making, which I applied to linocutting. This allowed me to suggest volume and depth of my subject using lines and hatching to a greater degree. Furthermore, I also experimented combining Lino printing and oil painting together.
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[Lino cutting & Print, A4, 2023]

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[Lino cutting & Print, A4, 2023]

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[Lino cutting & Print, A3, 2023]

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[Lino cutting & Print, with Oil, A3, 2023]